What do you think your chances of professional and romantic success would be if you swapped around your LinkedIn and Tinder profiles?

Belgium-based artist Dries Depoorter told i100.co.uk that he'd wanted to use LinkedIn for a project for a while before the idea to compare LinkedIn pictures with dating ones hit him.

"I was searching for the complete opposite of this social media platform," Depoorter said. "And I found out it was Tinder. There couldn't be a bigger difference."

The very simple premise highlights a revealing contrast between the selves we project to potential colleagues and potential lovers. Depoorter took the profile pictures of people within his networks and put them side by side:

Since all the Tinder and LinkedIn pictures came from real accounts, Depoorter was soon contacted over privacy concerns, and blurred out the faces from the photo series (the last one is Depoorter himself).

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