What you need to know about the Queen sending her first tweet

The Queen has sent her first tweet. Here is what you need to know.

1. This was the tweet

5. The Queen now has her own hashtag, #TheQueenTweets

6. The Queen is not the first royal to tweet

Prince Harry has previously sent a message in support of the Invictus Games. She is also not the first monarch to tweet - Jordan's Queen Rania Al Abdullah is an active Twitter user.

7. As for whether the Queen will tweet again?

A royal source told i100: "watch this space."

8. There are already question marks over the incident

A royal spokesperson said the tweet was sent by iPad and there are pictures of the Queen pressing the button to send it by iPad. However Twitter's internal records say it was sent by an iPhone. Speaking to The Verge however, a royal spokesperson said any iPhone involvement was merely “processology”.

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