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Woman to 'marry' hologram in world first

Woman to 'marry' hologram in world first
German circus uses 3D holograms in place of animals to fight cruelty

A woman is about to become the first person in history to get married to an AI-generated hologram.

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly big part in our daily lives as the technology continues to grow at a rapid pace. Some have found the effects harmful, such as the podcaster Bobbi Althoff, who was a victim of AI nude leaks.

Spanish artist, Alicia Framis, has become interested in AI in relation to consciousness and humanity and is about to get married as part of her work.

Framis is set to marry an AI-powered hologram called AiLex and the ceremony will be a piece of performance art to post questions around companionship.

It is not the artist’s first piece of experimental performance art after she previously lived with a mannequin named Pierre.

On her Instagram account, @hybridcouples, Framis has explained more about what she wants to achieve and why she is doing it.

Captioning one post, she wrote: “We know that soon robots and humans will be sexual partners, but for me, the next important step is emotionally involving artificial intelligence with humans.

“Holograms are more closely related to my feelings than robots, therefore I choose to develop a hologram rather than a robot.”

The project “allows her to address contemporary issues such as post-humanism and virtuality” and will see her share her life with and emotions with the hologram AiLex.

In her posts, it is believed that AiLex has been added after the image and films have been shot, given hologram technology’s expensive and impractical nature.

Framis suggested the “wedding” will take place at Depot Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam and that she could bring it to other venues as well.

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