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Wordle saves woman who was 'addicted' to QAnon conspiracy theories

Wordle saves woman who was 'addicted' to QAnon conspiracy theories
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A mom who was once a “QAnon cult member” has been helped after her child introduced her to the viral online puzzle Wordle.

As the mom is now enjoying Wordle, she is instead investing her time into playing similar games instead of engaging with conspiracy theories.

Wordle is a free online game that gives players six chances to guess a five-letter word. Its popularity soared in January, and the New York Times recently bought the game.

Posting to the popular subreddit QAnonCasualties, her child explained that they introduced their mom to Wordle “almost against her will” as she was putting so much time into chatting on Telegram and watching conspiracy videos.

Wordle only generates one new word a day, but the mom has found a version of the game that lets you play as much as you like. She is now spending two to three hours a day playing the brainteaser.

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Getting into the game has also helped their mother be more social and less isolated too, and she discusses Worlde issues with her child several times a day.

The Redditor said she’s always “texting me to brag on a score or express frustration”, and reaches out if she’s stuck on a tricky word.

“Anyway… Wordle™️: share it with the QAnon cult member in your life,” they concluded.

Responding, other members of the forum were delighted to hear that the game was helping the Redditor’s mom.

One commenter wrote that conspiracies are “an outlet and addition”, and it’s difficult to abandon addiction without a different coping mechanism.

Another commenter recalled that they remember reading that one person's “Q mom” turned away from conspiracy theories after developing an interest in Korean dramas. They added: “Just shows how many people turn to Q because they need something in their life to obsess over.”

Some suggested that other games may also help, such as Stardew Valley, Diggy's Adventure, and 2048.

“One Wordle to change them all!” another proclaimed.

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