Sometimes it feels broadband in the UK could get no worse.

That's where you're wrong.

Spend a minute considering speeds in Gabon or Burkina Faso, and you may rethink your complaints.

indy100 has made a map of world broadband speeds based on new data from Cable.

Cable ranked broadband on the time it takes to download an 7.5GB HD movie - if you've ever tried to download a video in the countryside, you'll know this is the true test of broadband brawn.

Singapore ranks as the world's fastest country with speeds of 55.13Mbps, whereas war-torn Yemen comes in last with an average speed of just 0.34Mbps.

In fact, 139 countries failed to meet Ofcom's benchmark of 10Mbps - the speed it deems as the minimum required for a family or small business to cope.

The UK lags behind 19 European countries, coming 31st in the world rankings.

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