You too can hide a cat in Google Maps - here's how

Google acted swiftly after this apparently giant cat was found hidden in a map of Auckland, New Zealand, by deleting the image.

There are two main theories as to how the feline got there: It could have been an Easter egg hidden by an employee or a user addition.

Given a Google spokesperson denied knowledge of the cat, telling Stuff "we were aware that cats were trying to take over YouTube, but we didn't realise it was extending to Google Maps", the latter is more likely - especially given Reddit user Poik12 has claimed his friend was the man responsible.

Users can edit Google Maps using the map maker feature, which allows people to add roads and hiking trails.

As Google users need to approve any changes - we assume to prevent stuff like this happening - the friend seemingly made the changes over time, adding different parts separately, before bragging about it on Facebook.

Not even kidding, my friend was the person that did this. He started with a cat, and then added bits to it each day (like a collar, whiskers ect.). He has a weird fascination with cats, but calls them geese, and refers to all cats that are not geese as kittens.

  • Poik 12

So it is theoretically possibly to do, especially if you have several friends with Google email addresses who could approve changes. Although as you can see from the cat incident, any map mischief would not last very long.

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