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These are the funniest and most creative Zoom backgrounds that we've seen this week

Twitter/Dan Crowd/ Amit Serper

With the coronavirus pandemic looking likely to carry on for the foreseeable future our day-to-day lives are mostly being conducted indoors and that includes for millions around the world, working from home.

Many of us will have already gotten used to this sudden change of pace and although it's not ideal and we are seriously missing out of human interaction, there are still lots of ways to have fun with your colleagues.

Lots of us will send memes to each other about lockdown and the general state of things in order to raise spirits and those are very welcome.

However, as many of us are now having to use services such as Google Hangout and Skype to communicate we are having to be creative with the way we present ourselves through webcams, be that through wearing our best glad rags or being creative with what is in the background of our houses.

Zoom, which has now become one of the most popular apps for chatting with colleagues and friends, offers users to completely change their backgrounds, immersing themselves in places that they definitely are not or memes or moments from fiction.

Here are some of our favourites from the past few weeks.

Netflix's Tiger King has proven to be very popular.

Some people have gone above and beyond in their efforts, with video backgrounds allowing them to duplicate themselves which must be very confusing for their colleagues.

If you are stuck for ideas here are examples that might liven up your inspiration.

We just hope that people don't get too attached to these are disappointed at their regular workspaces when life returns to normal.

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