Eleven people whose life has been ruined by Pokémon Go

There’s basically no way you haven’t at least heard someone utter the words ‘Pokemon Go’ yet – the game has taken the world by storm despite the fact it was only released in the US, Australia and New Zealand last week.

What this has done, unfortunately, is cause such a huge frenzy that many people are over it before it has properly begun.

Here are 11 people who are definitely not Pokemon Go fans

1) This office:

2) This guy’s girlfriend:

3) This café:

4) This man

5) This other man:

6) Texas A&M Police

7) The guy who got caught cheating at his ex's house (and his new ex-girlfriend)

8) This long-suffering woman

9) These killjoys

10) This man's wife

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11) And finally - this Florida news anchor's colleagues

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