A US TV show tried to do a Geordie accent and it was hilariously bad

Picture: Graedient/YouTube
Picture: Graedient/YouTube

Today is a bad day for accents. In fact Friday 4 March 2016 may be the day the accent died.

Not only has prime minister David Cameron treated us to his cringeworthy attempt at a Scottish accent, the UK subreddit has been alerted to the existence of this.

This monstrosity.

This aim for a Geordie accenth falls so wide of the mark it landed somewhere in the mid-Atlantic.

We can't do it justice, just listen at this best effort to recreate Tyneside by actor Greg Bryan on the US show, Castle:

What even is that?

It's like an American attempting Scottish attempting Irish attempting Geordie, while being punched in the larynx.

Our thoughts entirely.

We can only hope this was some sort of self-aware joke at American and British accent knowledge, right?


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