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If you ever fancied 'blessing the plains down in Africa' for an entire night then do have we got some good news for you.

A music venue in Bristol is raising funds for charity be playing the legendary 'Africa' by Toto on a loop for an entire night.

The incredibly cathartic tune from the soft rockers has earned something of a cult following in recent years and has been played more than 400 million times on Spotify.

To be fair, it is an absolutely world-class song (we're listening to it while we write this) and just for your pleasure, here it is again.

The evening, which is being hosted by DJ Michael Savage, will be hosted at The Exchange on 30 November and will reportedly last for five hours, which doesn't seem long enough if you ask us.

Speaking to BBC News, Savage said that those wishing to 'find some old forgotten words or ancient melodies' can be sponsored to see how long they can last while listening to the same song or be sponsored to "not go at all".

He added:

What started out as a really stupid idea from a stupid drunken night out has become a stupid reality.

It's the go-to track to fill the dance floor. I drunkenly suggested I'd run a night playing just that track two years ago. I kept talking about it and now I've got to do it.

I love the track, it's unusual - the ultimate guilty pleasure - but I'm not sure whether I'll fall asleep or not.

I feel quite sorry for the bar staff, they're going to be really stuck in the middle.

The money raised will be donated to Temwa, a charity based in Bristol which helps communities in the rural areas of northern Malawi.

Once news got out about this event, folks on Twitter couldn't get enough of it.

Others aren't so keen on the idea.

If you do fancy going, 'Africa' will be played on a loop in the venue's main room between 23:00 and 4:00, with the bar room, playing alternative versions and remixes of the classic track, which was recently covered by Weezer, following a viral campaign.

Savage adds that he is pushing for a 12-hour session of 'Africa' in the hopes of setting a bizarre new world record.

I'd like to set a new world record. I don't think there is one for this as far as I can tell but that's the plan.

We can't be entirely sure what a night like this would be like but consider us interested.

All together now:

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you.

There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do...


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