Alec Baldwin absolutely nailed his Donald Trump impression on SNL

Saturday Night Live/YouTube

The swagger. The haircut. The pursed lips. The pinched finger gesture.

Alec Baldwin played Donald Trump in a Saturday Night Live cold open on the first presidential debate against Hillary Clinton, and he absolutely nailed it.

Everything about Trump, from the fake tan which doesn't quite cover the eyes, to his birds nest hair, to the drawling monotonous delivery of his answers, was enshrined by Baldwin in the skit.

It has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

High praise must also go to his competitor, Kate McKinnon, who pulled off a similarly flawless pastiche of Clinton, lambasting her soundbite lines and mirroring her incredulity at Trump.

But the focus of the piece was very much Trump's debate performance.

The sniffing was noted...

You're sniffing. were the constant mumbles into the microphone:

Wrong. Wrong. Warmer.

And of course, the make-up was absolutely perfect.

Overall, top work as ever from the SNL crew.

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