Australia is apparently the second most talented country in Europe and Europeans are not taking it well

Picture: Michael Campanella/Getty
Picture: Michael Campanella/Getty

What is more than 8,500 miles away from Europe and almost just won the Eurovision Song Contest?

Australia. That’s right, the continent collectively known to many a northern European as “Down Under” almost became the most talented country on our patch.

Dami Im swept her country into second place in Stockholm on Saturday with the song "Sound of Silence" - and just missed out on first.

Perhaps it’s not just Russia that should be claiming some last minute points were given out to secure Ukraine's victory and show everyone the biggest players don’t get all the fun.

So while Australia feels a bit sad and goes home, everyone else can breathe a quiet sigh of relief that we weren’t all embarrassed by a country which, with its hot Christmasses and upbeat citizens, could literally not be any less European.

(Especially if you’re from Slovakia, surely the most European name going, and you haven’t been able to compete in Eurovision for ages “owing to financial constraints”. Ouch.)

Some people are saying the rightful heirs to the Eurovision crown have been wrongfully duped.

Others wondered how the Aussies would fare in a different kind of competition - such as, for example, Europe's space race.

To be fair though, Australia didn’t invite itself to the party and future contestants could all learn something from Dami Im, who came in second - such as giving it your all in the face of widespread Euroscepticism (a term here used with refreshing new meaning).

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If that isn't a good reason to become a member of the EU, we don’t know what is.

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