People think that the BBC was trolling Brexiteers by showing 'Sliding Doors' and 'Would I Lie to You?' when we should have been leaving the EU

In case you didn't notice the UK is still part of the European Union, having not left on March 29 like it was supposed to do.

There are many reasons why we are still in the EU and it's mostly down to politicians either failing to agree with each other or a prominent MP actually standing up and shouting 'stop this madness'.

Anyway, we can only watch on in horror as MPs try to find a way out of this mess. In the meantime, all we can do is twiddle our thumbs and watch whatever is on the television.

Yet, even beyond the regular news broadcasts, the programming is still reminding us of Brexit, even if it is in a slightly subtle and hilarious way.

As broadcasters scrambled to rearrange their late night programming on 29 March, which would have broadcast reports on the UK's exit from the EU, the BBC came up with an inspired bit of trolling.

In an article that the Beeb published on their own website about all the non-Brexit things that didn't happen on Friday, they announced that scheduled programmes had been brought forward and in their place was the comedy quiz show Would I Lie to You? and the 1998 Gwenyth Paltrow rom-com Sliding Doors.

They wrote:

A copy of last week’s Radio Times showed that two BBC News specials had been planned - one from 21:30 and another after the News at 10.

But a later schedule, on Sky’s TV guide, shows that the specials have now been scrapped.

EastEnders and the Masterchef final have both been brought forward by half an hour, and a repeat episode of Would I Lie to You has been slotted in to fill the time instead.

And the Friday night film, Sliding Doors, has been brought forward to start an hour earlier. 

To broadcast a quiz show where the contestants have to lie to each other in order to win and an otherwise forgettable movie that is only still relevant for its premise of showing us 'what could have been', when we should have been watching reports of the UK's demise, is nothing short of genius.

This was soon picked up by many folks on Twitter who found it utterly hilarious.

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