The top 100 TV and movie Dads ever

Homer Simpson: 'If you don't like your job, you just go in ...

Dad's. They are not all perfect and even the ones that are there for their families can still have a thing or two to learn about parenthood but there is one thing that's certain: we wouldn't be here without them.

Fathers can come in many shapes and sizes but the evolution of the Dad on-screen has shifted dramatically over the decades. The once tough and silent type isn't always the go-to trope anymore, with modern television and film showing us that Dads can truly come in all shapes, sizes, identities and even species.

Even the most complicated fathers can have their upsides (yes, even someone as evil as Darth Vader but perhaps not Logan Roy) but there is one thing that's always certain: a father's actions can often shape how their offspring see the world and ultimately fare in life.

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So without further ado, please enjoy our list of the top 100 fathers from television and film, featuring the good, the bad and the ugly and most importantly, in no particular order (who are we to claim that one person's Dad is better than another!)

1. Marlin from Finding Nemo

The overprotective clownfish proved he'd go to any lengths to get his son Nemo back in Finding Nemo As a single dad, Marlin learned to juggle parenthood alone and successfully raised his son to be an independent yet strong fish. (Ariana Baio)


2. Flex Alexander, One on One

Flex agreed to become a single father, even at the expense of having to sacrifice his bachelor's lifestyle. Flex always looked out for his daughter Breanna ( played by Kyla Pratt), and he recognized his flaws and made a genuine effort to be a better father. (Breanna Robinson)

3. Ned Flanders, The Simpsons

The arch-nemesis of Homer Simpson, through no fault of his own, certainly sets a different example around the house than his neighbour when it comes to raising his boys, Rodd and Todd who are both good little Christian boys. Flanders true trait as a father is to always try and provide the best for his family even through hardships like his failing businesses and the death of his wife, Maude. (Greg Evans)

4. Ted Lasso, Ted Lasso

Putting on a brave face, Ted Lasso does not let his emotions overtake the happy memories he has while video chatting and visiting with his son. Despite leading a stressful life between a silent divorce and taking up a new job as a football coach, Ted savours the moments he has with his son. (AB)

5. Christopher “Julius” Rock, Everybody Hates Chris

With his frugal ways and overall down-to-earth dad vibes, he will make you think twice about turning on the air conditioner or wasting the last bit of vegetables on your dinner plate. (BR)

6. Fred Andrews, Riverdale

The late actor, Luke Perry's character is pretty much the only parental figure on the show that has morals and parenting skills. While the others are pursuing the town and hiding deep secrets from their kids, Fred is the only one who’s actually there for his son and even takes a bullet for him (literally). (BR)

7. Dill Penderghast, Easy A

Like any good father, Dill Penderghast makes sure to serve as the comic relief for his daughter’s problems while still reassuring his daughter that he loves her no matter how revealing her clothes or bad her reputation. (AB)

8. Leland Palmer, Twin Peaks

It’s questionable as to if Leland is a good Dad as, after all, he did kill his daughter, albeit, being possessed by BOB. That being said the complicated manner of Twin Peaks suggests that although Leland loved his daughter and was complicit in her demise, he did sincerely miss her when she was gone. (GE)

9. Keith Scott, One Tree Hill

When his younger brother abandoned his son Lucas, Keith Scott stepped in to help support his nephew. As a positive father figure for Lucas, Keith helped him make the basketball team and taught him about cars. (AB)

10. Jonathan Kent, Superman

Superman has two fathers but he never really knew his birth father, Jor-El from the planet Krypton. In many ways his real father is Jonathan Kent, his adopted Dad on Earth who raised Superman to be a humble and thoughtful soul and to use his powers to spread peace and protect Earth from the greatest of evil. (GB)

11. Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus is a lawyer and resident of the fictional Alabama county of Maycomb. He is also the father Jeremy "Jem" Finch and Jean Louise "Scout" Finch who he taught the values of compassion, integrity and morality. He also represented an African-American man named Tom Robinson in his trial where he is charged with the rape of Mayella Ewell. (BR)

12. Johnny Rose, Schitts Creek

You’ll notice several actors on this list pop up more than once and that’s because some men are just really good at playing Dads. That’s definitely the case for Eugene Levy whose role as Johnny Rose, in the wholesome Schitt’s Creek, sees him have to reevaluate his family's life and morals after being forced to move to a small town, a far cry from their once lavish lifestyle. (GE)


13. George Banks, Father of the Bride

Although he's protective, loving and quite ambivalent about his daughter Annie's marriage, George does eventually give in and becomes determined to help give Annie a perfect wedding, which turns out to be more complex than he expected. (BR)

14. Ryan, Freaky Friday

Although he never had biological children himself, Ryan quickly learns to be patient and understanding toward his stepdaughter-to-be to win over her acceptance. It isn’t until Anna experiences how caring Ryan can be while in her mom’s body that she realizes he will make a great stepfather. (AB)

15. Louis Huang, Fresh Off The Boat

Louis Huang’s relentless optimism serves as a great example to his three kids as they grow up inspired by their father’s determination to fulfil his lifelong dream of owning a Western-themed restaurant. (AB)

16. George Lopez, George Lopez

Loosely based on Lopez’s own life, he is a hardworking man trying to provide for his wife and two kids while teaching them about his Mexican heritage. His own childhood was dysfunctional, with an alcoholic mother who lied and told him his father died when he was a baby. (BR)

17. Grandpa Joe, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Sure he may have sat in a bed for a long time doing nothing, but Grandpa Joe still exhibits the selfless characteristics one expects from a grandparent. Even though he’s old, Grandpa Joe jumps at the chance to take Charlie to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory just as any caring grandfather would. (AB)

18. Frank Gallagher, Shameless

The dad of six’s behaviour reflects his addictions and his own contentious upbringing; despite his shortcomings, he does love his family and tries to right some of his wrongs even if they are often outrageous. (BR)

19. Juan, Moonlight

Mahershala Ali won the best supporting actor Oscar for his role as Juan in Barry Jenkins's modern masterpiece. Although he’s not the father of Moonlight’s main character, the shy and closeted Chiron, Juan mentors him from a young age, teaching him how to swim and urging him to follow his own path. (GE)

20. Hank Hill, King of the Hill

Don’t let Hank’s dry and conservative outlook on the world fool you. He does have a heart of gold and wants the best for his son Bobby and although his methods might not always be that conventional his decency always shines through.(GE)

21. George Bailey, It’s a Wonderful Life

Bailey straddles the line between a hero and a tragic figure in Frank Capra’s film about a man just trying to make ends meet. Although guilty of trying to please everyone, Bailey eventually realises that the love of his family and friends, who cherish him no matter what, is all you actually need in life. (GE)


22. Tim Taylor, Home Improvement

Was Tim Taylor a safety hazard for his three sons? Probably. But he still exhibited loving traits toward his sons like expressing interest in his son’s hobbies even though he didn’t share their same passion. (AB)

23. Ricky Ricardo, I Love Lucy

One of the sweetest scenes in television history is when Lucy tells Ricky that she is expecting, and they dance and sing “We’re having a baby.” Lucy tears up and Ricky is clearly overcome with emotion. He is a nervous new father, showing concern about his wife’s condition and wonderment at the new life they created. As little Ricky grows up, he also teaches him about his Cuban heritage, which was groundbreaking television for the time. (BR)

24. Papa Elf, Elf

Selflessly devoting his life to raising Buddy, Papa Elf doesn’t allow judgment from other elves to stop him from raising a loving, happy son. Even when Buddy expresses interest in finding his biological father, Papa Elf supports his decision. (AB)

25. Ray Campbell, Sister, Sister

Although a bit overprotective, his heart was always where it needed to be. The successful businessman was not only kind enough to take in his adoptive daughter’s sister and her mom, but he also grew to become a wonderful father to both girls. (BR)

26. Bunny Colvin, The Wire

The Wire doesn’t have many good Dads or positive role models now we come to think of it. If there was one though it has to be the wise, but tough Major Bunny Colvin who becomes an adopted father for Namond in Season 4 after his own father Wee-Bey, realises that a life of crime is not the kind of life his son deserves. (GE)

27. Floyd Henderson, Smart Guy

The widowed single dad was impressive at balancing discipline with love when it came to his three kids. He also kept his kids in check while also managing his own roofing company. Talk about super dad! (BR)

28. Eddard, “Ned” Stark, Game of Thrones

His head was unfortunately ceremonially chopped off in season one, but he still managed to raise six fearless children. Before he died, he was able to teach them to be kind, loyal and determined. (BR)

29. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

Despite being a clumsy oaf most of the time and getting angry at his juvenile-prankster son, he provides for his family, and when it matters most, he is there for his kids and his wife Marge always encouraging them to pursue personal hobbies, even if something like a saxophone drives him insane. (BR)

30. Richard Williams, King Richard

Richard Williams put his life on hold in order to ensure the success of his daughters, Venus and Serena Williams. He is living proof that children benefit from committed and passionate parents, just a shame a slap might overshadow his story now. (BR)

31. Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

For someone who despises kids, Swanson quickly takes to his girlfriend Diane’s two daughters. On one occasion, he even stays at the office to babysit the young girls, finding himself way in over his head. Eventually, the couple has a child of their own together. (BR)

32. David Sheff, Beautiful Boy

David Sheff’s heartbreaking story when trying to support his son through a drug addiction is a reminder of the lengths a parent will go to protect their child. No matter how frustrating and sad David feels during his son’s journey to sobriety he never stops loving him. (AB)

33. Coach Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights

"Clear eyes, full hearts...can't lose.” What else can you say about Coach Eric Taylor? A father not just to his own children but to all the boys in the various high school football teams that he coaches over five seasons on Friday Night Lights. Kyle Chandler won a Primetime Emmy in 2011 for his role as Taylor and deservedly so. (GE)

34. Mike Brady, The Brady Bunch

Mike was already busy with three boys but then he marries Carol and lovingly accepts her three daughters as his own. His household doubles in size, and he works hard as an architect to provide for his family despite the busy workload in one of the true classics of American television. (BR)

35. Frank Costanza, Seinfeld

If you don’t want to end up like George Costanza then maybe you shudder at the thought of being raised by Frank and his erratic parenting, which includes creating an alternative Christmas celebration known as 'Festivus'. However, if you do fancy yourself as a Costanza then be our guest as it’s hard not to love the late, great and always hilarious Jerry Stiller. (GE)

The Story of

36. Scott Calvin, The Santa Clause

Scott is your typical, everyday man but then he accidentally causes Santa Claus to fall from his roof on Christmas Eve. After this, he and his young son, Charlie, finish Claus’s trip and deliveries and head to the North Pole, where Scott discovers that he has to become the new Santa. Talk about an adventure! (BR)

37. Ted Kramer, Kramer vs. Kramer

It’s not easy to put your ego aside for the sake of someone else, but Ted Kramer does just that during an ugly divorce battle. Although he deeply loves his son and wants custody of him he chooses to stop fighting for the sake of his son’s life and is ultimately rewarded for the act of selflessness. (AB)

38. Uncle Iroh, Avatar The Last Airbender

The soft-spoken, wise, and loving Uncle Iroh is what every parent hopes to be one day. Stepping into the role of a father for his nephew, Prine Zuko, Uncle Iroh shows an incredible amount of patience and loyalty to Zuko even in difficult moments. (AB)

39. Carl Winslow, Family Matters

As stoic as he is, Carl Winslow deeply loves his three children. Carl hopes to protect his family and raise his children to be good people and even though sometimes he could be harsh, he did everything out of love. (AB)

40. Cyrus Rose, Gossip Girl

Even Eleanor Waldorf knew from the start there was something special about Cyrus. Although Blair isn’t crazy about her new stepfather at first, he proves to be as supportive and loving toward her as he is to his biological son. He serves as a great role model to not pass judgment on people you don’t know. (AB)

41. James Evans Sr, Good Times

James Evans Sr. will do mostly anything to provide for his family, even if it means working multiple jobs. And to be frank, he didn’t deserve that fatal season four bombshell. We won’t spoil it here. (BR)

42. Michael Kyle, My Wife and Kids

Michael Kyle was the quintessential early ’00s dad. Whether it’s using reverse psychology to playing practical jokes, he handled life issues with ease. (BR)


43. Darth Vader, Star Wars

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Darth Vader, it’s how not to be a father… and that a parent’s love is forever. But maybe don’t cut your son’s hand off with a lightsaber while trying to show your love. (AB)

44. Peter Griffin, Family Guy

Compared to the likes of Homer Simpson and Hank Hill, Peter Griffin is a cartoon dad who doesn’t really have many redeeming features. He’s a brash and chaotic loudmouth who is more juvenile than his children, which in a way makes him a good Dad because he sets such a bad example that even his offspring can only hope to aim higher. (GE)

45. Sam Baldwin, Sleepless in Seattle

Who wouldn’t want Tom Hanks to be their Dad (please reserve any thought on Chet Hanks at this time)? Sleepless in Seattle sees him play single dad Sam, who has recently lost his wife to cancer but despite grieving still manages to craft a loving environment for him and his young son Jonah on their unique houseboat in Seattle. (GE)

46. Clark Griswold, National Lampoon’s Vacation

As the patriarch of the Griswold Family, Clark is always seeking out an adventure with his family. However, he often breaks into huge tempers when his family and others, such as park staff and hotel employees, get on his nerves but its all in aid of a good ol family holiday. (BR)

47. Carlisle Cullen, Twilight

Carlisle is not only a great dad but a great doctor, although we doubt his methods would be approved by most health boards. Whenever treating a young patient who was on the verge of death Carlisle would turn them into a vampire to at least give them a chance at a different kind of life and as to not abandon them he and his wife, Esme, adopt them into their vampire family. (GE)

48. Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead

Rick is typically a calm, smart man, being both a good friend and a dedicated father. But on the other hand, he tends to be stubborn and cling to his strong personal moral code, which has resulted in questionable decisions and extra stress within the Alexandria-Safe Zone. (BR)

49. Mr. Perlman, Call Me By Your Name

Although his character has no known first name, Mr. Perlman’s unwavering support for his son’s sexuality was perhaps one of the most important moments in Call Me By Your Name. We can only hope all fathers everywhere take a note from Mr. Perlman. (AB)

Call Me By Your Name Monologue +

50. Walter White, Breaking Bad

It's a bit out of the ordinary for a high school chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer to decide to start selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family’s financial future. Spoiler: Unfortunately, he does destroy his family and dies a bitter death, but his attention seemed pure in the beginning. (BR)

51. Gomez Addams, The Addams Family

Although spooky, the head of the Addams clan is loving, romantic, and a damn fine dresser, and let’s face it, no one can sport the dad-stache as good as him. (BR)

52. Thomas Wayne, Batman

Thomas and Martha Wayne’s death was the catalyst that propelled a young Bruce Wayne on his journey to become Batman as an adult but unlike Superman, Bruce managed to get to know his father before he was cruelly taken away from him. Depending on which version of the story you go by, Thomas was a smart and caring doctor respected by all of Gotham and taught Bruce to always fight for those most vulnerable. (GE)

53. Martin Crane, Frasier

Although having very different interests from his two sons, Frasier and Niles, Martin is often the figure to bring the lofty allusions of life and culture back down to Earth by highlighting that their snootiness might not always be for everyone. Even though they often bicker and fail to see eye-to-eye, Martin is undoubtedly proud of his boys. (GE)

54. Michael Bluth, Arrested Development

Michael is far from perfect but is probably the only genuinely functional adult in the dysfunctional Bluth family. However, he likes being right to the point that it pains him to be wrong and while he often misinterprets what his son, George Michael is experiencing, he tries to be as good a parent as possible. (BR)

55. Ozzy Osbourne, The Osbournes

Ozzy - the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath in the 1970s - is the head of the Osbourne family. In the show, he seemed oblivious to his surroundings in one of the world's first major reliaty TV shows. Despite that, he is shown to be a caring dad and husband and tries to help his family during rough times. (BR)

56. The Tramp, The Kid

The great Charlie Chaplin gives one of his best performances as his iconic Tramp character who finds an abandoned baby in Los Angeles and raises him as his own. Chaplin’s performance was born out of personal tragedy having lost a newborn son shortly before production began. (GE)

57. Tony Soprano, The Sopranos

His own mother is so toxic that he is in therapy dealing with the things she’s put him through – including trying to have him killed! Deciding to go to therapy is not an easy decision for a man who is the godfather of a major organized crime family in New Jersey. However, he does it because he wants to be a better parent to his own children than what experienced with his own, although he’s still got a lot to learn. (BR)

58. Bob Belcher, Bob’s Burgers

The dad of three is tolerant, supportive, loving, principled and grounded. He is also extremely hard-working when it comes to the family’s burger restaurant. (BR)

59. Danny Tanner, Full House

Being a single parent is not easy, especially with three young kids. With some help, Danny Tanner is able to put the needs of his children before himself and raise his three girls into young women. (AB)

60. Bryan Mills, Taken

Bryan Mills doesn’t let the authorities handle the situation when his daughter is kidnapped while on a trip to Paris, he takes matters into his own hands. Extreme? Sure. Dedicated? Most definitely. (AB)

61. Uncle Ben, Spider-Man

Like all the best superheroes Spider-Man lost his only true father-figure before he became a hero but Uncle Ben’s wise words of wisdom are the ethos that Spidey has always lived by: “With great power comes great responsibility.” (GE)

62. Antonio, The Bicycle Thieves

Vittorio De Sica’s neo-realist masterpiece The Bicycle Thieves remains one of the most relevant movies ever made despite being made in 1948. The film follows Antonio who provides for his family by plastering posters around Rome but needs a bicycle in order to do his job. Antonio plunges to desperate lows after having his own bike stolen but his son Bruno is there to provide comfort and a reassuring presence about what is right and wrong. A film not just about what being a father means but a son too. (GE)

Produzioni De Sica

63. Mr Incredible, The Incredibles

Robert "Bob" Parr, a.k.a. Mr Incredible, is a superhero, husband, and father to three kids, Violet Parr, Dash Parr, and Jack-Jack Parr. And while he’s friendly, strong, and brave he can also be easily distracted by the world around him. Elsewhere, Bob's commitment to doing what is right is also expressed when he’s not out there saving the world (BR).

64. Mac MacGuff, Juno

When Mac MacGuff hears of his teenage daughter's pregnancy he is scared and upset but doesn’t allow it to show through, instead, he supports Juno’s decision to give the baby up for adoption. (AB)

65. Daniel Hillard, Mrs Doubtfire

No other love could force someone to dress up in prosthetics and heavy dresses every single day than that of a parent. After he loses custody of his three kids, Daniel poses as their nanny to spend time with them. (AB)

66. Agustín Madrigal, Encanto

Just like his daughter Mirabel, Augstín has no special talent in a family of gifted individuals and uses that common trait to comfort his young daughter. He stands up for his daughter when she feels ostracized by her grandmother. (AB)

67. Vision, WandaVision

Most Dads have nine months to come to terms with becoming a parent. Not Vision though, who one moment wasn’t a father and the next moment he was. I suppose that’s what happens when your other half has the ability to warp reality. Oh and to make things more difficult for Vision, he was actually dead all along. (GE)

68. Sandy Cohen, The OC

Sandy has a wonderful relationship with his biological son Seth, but he also is great with the juvenile teen from Chino, Ryan who everyone else disregarded. He also had a fine head of hair which we sadly can’t say for most Dads. (BR)

69. Mitch Buchanan, Baywatch

No one would call Baywatch high-brow viewing but David Hasselhoff’s portrayal as single dad Mitch Buchanan, arguably the show’s main character might be his finest moment. The positive and open relationship between Mitch and Hobie is still refreshing to see and remains one of the few aspects of Baywatch that isn’t now terribly dated. (GE)

70. Michael Sullivan, Road to Perdition

While many of us would be used to Tom Hanks playing the super-friendly family man that he has seemingly played in 90 per cent of his films, in Road to Perdition he plays a much different character: a hit man who is forced to take his son on the run with him after a job goes wrong. While on the road, Michael does everything in his power to make sure his son doesn’t make the same mistakes that he did. (GE)

71. Noah Levinstein, American Pie

Whether you’d want a dad like Noah, better known as ‘Jim’s Dad’ is debatable but there is no doubt that he can make an awkward situation just that little bit more bearable even if it does mean lying to his wife about why there is a random hole in her freshly baked cherry pie. (GE)

72. Shūkichi Hirayama, Tokyo Story

Yasujiro Ozu’s groundbreaking films capture the sedate mundanities of life and all the hardships that come with raising a family. In his best-known film, we meet the elderly couple Tomi and Shukichi Hirayama who travel to Tokyo to visit their two children and widowed daughter-in-law, the latter of which becomes an adopted daughter for Shukichi, whose emphatic words of advice to her is one of the greatest moments in cinema. (GE)


73. Phil Dumphy, Modern Family

Phil is the pinnacle of dad jokes. The goofy dad to Haley, Alex, and Luke is always there to make his kids smile. (AB)

74. Jim Hopper, Stranger Things

Having lost his biological daughter at a young age, Hopper holds a special place in his heart for children. After adopting Eleven as his own, Hopper immediately falls into the role of dad naturally whether it's giving her relationship advice or Eggo Waffles. (AB)

75. Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness

Wrecked with financial instability, Chris Gardner spends a year homeless with his five-year-old son but perseveres to give his son the life and care he deserves. Through every hardship, including becoming a single parent, Gardner’s role as a dad motivates him to keep going. (AB)

76. Vito Corleone, The Godfather

Even though Marlon Brando’s Don Vito Corleone is only in The Godfather for less than a third of the film, such is the actor's presence in the piece that he casts a huge shadow over not just the first film but its two sequels also. Despite the nature of their work, Vito is an adoring father to his children, something his son Michael, and ultimately his successor can never emulate. (GE)

77. Nate Pullman, Wonder

Nate is a successful businessman and dad to Olivia (referred to as Via in the film) and Auggie. Auggie is a young boy with Treacher Collins syndrome, which causes facial deformities. As a dad, he is funny, brightens people's moods, and encourages his kids, especially Auggie, to be true to themselves and not afraid of anything. (BR)

78. Jason “Furious” Styles, Boyz n the Hood

Played by the great Laurence Fishburne, in one of the most powerful films of the 1990s, 'Furious' Styles (what a name) essentially becomes a saviour to his son Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr), doing his best to prevent him from going down an extremely violent road. (BR)

79. Ed Baldwin, For All Mankind

It’s hard to pick between Ed Baldwin and Gordo Stevens as to who is the best Dad in For All Mankind (one of the best shows on TV at the moment) but we’ll give the slight edge to Ed who goes through an incredible amount of emotional trauma in the show’s first season but despite the anguish manages to harness that love, care and consideration for his adopted daughter Kelly. (GE)

80. Gru, Despicable Me

Sure his motives to become a father may not have started great but Gru quickly learned to care for his three adopted daughters Margot, Edith, and Agnes. Let's not forget the lengths he went to win Agnes a stuffed unicorn at the carnival. (AB)


81. Lone Wolf, Shogun Assassin

Let’s face it, some Dads provide for their kids by working long hours, others do so being Shogun Decapitators in ancient Japan. You only have to listen to Lone Wolf’s son’s narration of the film to realise that this Dad is pretty badass. Anyone who has listened to GZA’s Liquid Swords will know what we mean. (GE)

82. Count Ilya Rostov, War and Peace

In the patriarchal system of 19th Century high society Russia, Rostov creates a loving and fun environment for all of his children despite their age or gender. Many actors have taken on the role, the most recent being the great comic actor Adrian Edmondson in the 2016 BBC adaptation. (GE)

83. Logan Roy, Succession

Let’s not confuse matters here. Logan Roy, the foul-mouthed patriarch at the centre of Succession, might be the worst Dad on this entire list. In fact he is so bad that the most affectionate thing he can say to his children is ‘f**k off’. To his credit though he’s raised his four children to be just as ruthless and unforgiving as him so maybe he was the father he wanted to be after all. (GE)

84. Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump

Despite not knowing he had a child, Forrest slipped into the role of father quickly after Jenny introduced him to Forrest Jr. Even after her passing, Forrest made sure his son knew he was loved and cared for. (AB)

85. Cameron Tucker, Modern Family

If there's one thing Cameron Tucker is going to be, it's extremely involved in his daughter's life. When Cam and his partner Mitchell adopt their daughter Lily, Cam goes to every length to make sure he raises her to be a loving, independent woman. (AB)

86. Mitchell Pritchett, Modern Family

Where Mitchell's partner Cam is outspoken about his dedication to his daughter, Mitchell is more reserved although still shows incredible dedication to his daughter. (AB)


87. Chas Tenenbaum, The Royal Tenebaums

Following the death of his wife, maths genius Chas Tenenbaum, becomes overprotective of his two children Ari and Uzi, much to the dismay of his own father Royal. Although he is at first appalled by his father’s attempts to show his sons a more adventurous kind of life he eventually accepts that he doesn’t need to wrap his children up in cotton wool and in turn, repairs his relationship with his own father. (GE)

88. Martin Goodman, Friday Night Dinner

One of the funniest Dad’s on this list, who never shies away from the occasional cringe joke. Martin manages to make his son’s, Johnny and Adam’s lives a bit of an ordeal with his inappropriate gags but you only have to look at the outpouring of affection for Paul Ritter, the actor who played Martin, after his passing in 2021 to see just how truly loved he was. (GE)

89. Guido Orefice, Life is Beautiful

Although honesty is always best, Jewish-Italian father Guido Orefice chose to shield his son Giosuè from the horrors of the Holocaust by pretending their experience at a concentration camp was an intricate game. Despite Guido eventually facing execution, he never let up, winking at his son and making him laugh before he was murdered out of view. (BR)

90. Hal Wilkerson, Malcolm in the Middle

If Walter White was Bryan Cranston at his most despicable then Hal is him at his most lovable and goofy. Almost the opposite of his tough wife Lois, resulting in his three sons often playing him for a fool, which only makes them love him even more. (GE)

91. Cameron Poe, Con Air

All he wanted to do was give a bunny to the daughter he had never met. Unfortunately for Cameron, after being paroled, he is booked on board the plane ride from Hell as his fellow inmates have different ideas and hijack the aircraft. It’s up to Poe to save the day all in order to prove that he is a good Dad and finally meet his little girl. (GE)

92. Joe Kingman, The Game Plan

What is one to do when their unknown 8-year-old daughter shows up at their doorstep one day? Adapt. Joe Kingman steps into the role of a father as he juggles a professional football career and bachelor's lifestyle and we must say, he does a pretty good job. (AB)

93. Kyle Rees, The Terminator

Not many Dads would have gone on the journey that Kyle Rees did who travelled back in time to save the woman he loved from a deadly killer robot and in the process fathered the man who would lead the human resistance against the machines who just happened to be the man who sent Kyle back in time to protect his mother. If anyone is deserving of a Father’s Day gift it’s him. (GE)

94. Travis Henderson, Paris Texas

One of the most tragic father figures in all of cinema, Travis, attempts to reunite his family broken family who he is responsible for breaking up. Harry Dean Stanton’s heartwrenching performance as the tortured Travis in Wim Wender’s masterpiece is not only his best but one of the best in all of cinema. (GE)

95. Nick Parker, The Parent Trap

While Nick Parker made some peculiar decisions when it came to raising twins separately, there's no doubt he holds a deep love for his two daughters. (AB)

96. Duke Leto Atreides, Dune

Leto is a great man who is respected by the various factions within Dune’s universe but feared by the Emperor who plots Leto’s demise by sending him and his family to the harsh but invaluable desert planet of Arrakis. From an early age, he teaches his son Paul, who his concubine gave birth to despite the rules set by her Bene Gesserit sisterhood, the values of noble leadership and the respect of other cultures. (GE)

Warner Bros

97. Tatsuo Kusakabe, My Neighbor Totoro

It can’t be easy moving to an old house in the Japanese countryside with your two young daughters while your wife is in hospital but Tatsuo manages to do it without so much as breaking a sweat and maintains a fun and loving environment for his two kids and encourages their curiosity with the sometimes surreal outside world. (GE)

98. Mufasa, The Lion King

Mufasa knows what it means to be a leader for his kingdom and his son, Simba. Embodying wisdom and selflessness, Mufasa sacrifices himself to save his son and returns to Simba in the stars to give him advice. His impact is so strong, Simba continues to use his father’s wise words for the rest of his life. (AB)

99. Man, The Road

If the world was ending and you had a young child to look after what would you do? That’s the question at the heart of Cormac McCarthy's devastating novel The Road, which was brilliantly captured in the 2009 film adaptation starring Viggo Mortensen, who manages to be one of the most courageous and tender fathers in recent cinematic history. (GE)

100. Uncle Phil, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Philip Banks, known as Uncle Phil, took on the role of second father to Will Smith after moving to Bel-Air. Despite Smith having a difficult childhood growing up with an absent father, Uncle Phil happily embraced Smith as his own and served as an excellent role model. (AB)

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