Beyonce and Harry Styles met at the Grammys and fans literally can’t handle it
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Two of music’s most beloved stars have met, and people cannot get enough.

Last Sunday at the Grammy awards, superstars Beyoncé and Harry Styles were pictured together after Bey made history with her 28th Grammy win and Styles gave an incredible performance of the summer anthem “Watermelon Sugar” (for which he won a Grammy) that no one could look away from.

Just the fact that the two were in the same distanced room was good enough for fans, until Beyoncé shared a photo of the two properly meeting on Instagram, apparently for the first time.

The photo, featured as part of a montage on the singer’s Instagram account, shows the two seemingly absorbed in conversation as Beyoncé, in her glamorous black leather dress, raised a hand to her mouth in what appears to be excitement. Styles, wearing his iconic feather boa of the evening, seems equally happy.

The internet was immediately swept up in a storm of fandom, with “Harry and Beyoncé” trending on Thursday. People said they were “literally hyperventilating” and noted “THE POWER THIS PHOTO HOLDS”.

“I cannot believe that I’m watching Harry and Beyoncé talking. I’ve seen them before in the same room but just watching them interact it’s just incredible. My idols,” one person wrote of the photograph.

One person added: “Also imagine a Harry and Beyoncé collab.”

We can only hope.

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