Billie Eilish's new hairdo has football fans making the same joke

Billie Eilish's new hairdo has football fans making the same joke
Did you know Billie Eilish has just revealed a new tattoo on …
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Billie Eilish has unveiled her new hairdo to her followers online, and while it looks pretty cool football fans have all been making the same joke after noticing that it reminds them of something.

Sadly, once you see it, it can’t be unseen.

The new ‘do features bold swathes of green, red and yellow, and football fans have pointed out that it resembles the heat maps often used in analysis of games.

The heat maps show the amount of ground that players have covered over the course of any given match, and the colour palettes are remarkably similar.

Football fans didn’t miss an opportunity to make the comparison on social media, with people referring to the new ‘do as the map of N'Golo Kante, Rodri and other players.

It just shows that the internet can be a pretty unforgiving place at times…

It’s latest bold look debuted by Eilish since she unveiled her back tattoo on social media recently.

The design stretches the length of her back and is made up of abstract black lines.

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