Star Wars fans can soon enjoy blue milk from a galaxy far, far away at home

Star Wars fans can soon enjoy blue milk from a galaxy far, far away at home

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been obsessed with the incredible Cerveza Cristal ads shoehorned into Star Wars reruns on South American telly back in the early 00s.

Well, now Star Wars fans can enjoy a drink that was actually in the original films, with blue milk coming from a galaxy far, far away to a glass near you.

LucasFilm has unveiled a new range of official merchandise, pleasingly called “Imperial March”.

The blue milk comes packaged with an image of Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader on the front, and it’s made by milk brand TruMoo.

A statement from LucasFilm described the drink as "delicious vanilla-flavored milk" with blue food colouring, and it’s on sale from April 17.


Fans will be familiar with the beverage from the iconic film franchise, with characters from Tatooine regularly partaking in a glass.

It can be seen in the back of one of the first scenes in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Hopefully it'll taste better than the actual blue milk used in the filming of the sci-fi classic, which Mark Hammill previously posted about on Twitter/X.

Writing in 2021, he said: "#StarWars-Blue was "long-life milk" meant for camping trips that needed no refrigeration: warm, sweet & oily #Yuck #LastJedi-Green "milk" was non-dairy coconut water dyed that color in post-production: cool, tasty & refreshing #Yum


It’s also been announced that the Millennium Falcon has landed on a 50p coin, as the Royal Mint has unveiled its latest collectable Star Wars coins and bullion bars.

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