Bono made an impassioned speech against Brexit during a U2 concert in London

U2 aren't exactly everyone's cup of tea but you've got to hand it to Bono and his commitment to promoting his own ego.

The Irish rockers aren't strangers to making political statements either and, at a concert in London on Tuesday night, Bono decided to share his thoughts on Brexit.

Before they played the topical song 'Get Out Of Your Own Way,' Bono opted to address the crowd at the 02 Arena and share his thoughts on Britain's decision to leave the EU.

The 58-year-old said:

We’ve just been touring all across Europe and whatever you think about it, all we heard about from Madrid to Berlin to Paris to Amsterdam is that people love the UK.

They love you. And no-one wants you to leave. And that’s just the truth. For us, it’s more than just a gold star falling off a blue flag.

It’s a loss of shared dreams, shared strengths. Without you, we are less. Without you, the English, the Scottish, the Welsh, the Northern Irish, we are less.

Pictures taken by fans at the event show that Bono gave this speech while stood in front of an EU flag, where one of the stars had been changed to resemble the Union Jack, that was circled with a heart.

U2 also promoted a similar message at their gig in Manchester on Saturday.

The U2 twitter account has also shared an article by the Belfast Telegraph about Bono's speech.

As we said at the start of this article, U2 don't necessarily appeal to everyone, but the fact that Bono has the same views to the half-a-million people who marched through London on Saturday, and the close to 1 million who have signed the Final Say petition , means that they might have earned a few more fans.


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