There is a Brexit disco concept album and it's surprisingly good

There is a Brexit disco concept album and it's surprisingly good

There is now a disco concept album about Brexit and it’s much better than you might think.

The writer, musician and current member of Scritti Politti, Rhodri Marsden, has released The Hustle: A Brexit disco symphony under the name Article 54.

On Twitter, Marsden wrote:

Ten weeks ago I said on here that I’d started writing a disco concept album about Brexit. Unbelievably, I wasn’t joking. Even more unbelievably, it’s finished, and it’s released today.

He added:

It's basically a sarcastic eulogy for our collective sanity. It takes some of the vague reassurances and blithely stated bullshit that we’ve been fed for the past 3 years, and sets it to the most relentlessly upbeat soundtrack that my colleagues and I could muster.

With songs like 'Lets Go W.T.O' and 'Freedom of Movement' you might be fooled into thinking that this is some sort of ridiculous comedy album.

While that is mostly true the songs are actually pretty decent and you won't regret listening to them. You can listen to a sample in the tweet below.

The album is currently number 29 of the iTunes album charts and can be downloaded here.

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