In a moment that is peak Brexit, a British caller living in Portugal appeared on radio to proudly state he voted to leave the European Union to end freedom of movement.

A man called Mike from Alcoutim, Portugal said he voted to leave the EU because “I don’t like the way the money is wasted” and people going into “posh buildings” for four days a month, referring to Parliament.

LBC host James O’Brien asked the man, who is based in Portugal for another reason he decided to voted Brexit.

The pair spoke briefly about parliament, going back and forth about money spent travelling between Brussels and Strasbourg.

And then, O’Brien asked for another reason he voted leave and Mike from Portugal dropped the following insight into his pro-Brexit mind.

The continuous movement of people.

“Where are you calling from?” O’Brien asked him.

Unperturbed, Mike said: “I’m calling from Portugal.”

He continued: "Our infrastructure in England at the moment is under huge pressure to try to support what is there at the moment."

The presenter concluded:

"Mike in Portugal voted to leave the European Union because there is too much freedom of movement. Is that how we're going to remember this call.

You know how that looks right?

Mike did not know.

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