Brexiteers got triggered by a CBBC sketch about British history from 2009

Brexiteers got triggered by a CBBC sketch about British history from 2009

You would think that now the UK has left the European Union that Brexiteers would be delighted as Britannia is once again ruling the waves and we can get back to the good old days of the empire.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case as a small dose of history from a children's TV show has triggered leavers on Twitter, for rightly telling them that tea doesn't come from Britain.

On Friday 31 January 2020, hours before Brexit happened, Horrible Histories released a short episode focused on Leaving the EU and gave a brief rundown of British history. One segment on the show looked at 'British tea and cotton'.

Like most people who would have listened in GCSE history, tea comes from India, sugar from the Caribbean and cotton from America.

The segment is done in the usual Horrible Histories song style, which usually features one person from history and this one includes Queen Victoria, who duly informs us that she isn't 100 per cent British either.

All of this is completely factually accurate but prominent Brexiteers couldn't quite believe that a children's show was now mocking them with cold hard facts.

The funniest thing about this entire story is that the sketch is from 2009 and we can't recall anyone batting an eye-lid back then but the moment it is put in the context of Brexit it suddenly becomes blasphemy.

Once again, adults got annoyed at a CBBC show about history. What a time to be alive.

This article was originally published in January 2020

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