This moment between Harry Styles, Lizzo and a glass of tequila is the best thing that happened at the Brits

Lizzo and Harry Styles combined like a classic comedy double act to provide the Brit awards with a memorable moment on Tuesday night.

In scenes reminiscent of the average frat party, host Jack Whitehall took a sip from the One Direction star’s wine glass and was shocked to discover he had, in fact, been drinking neat tequila.

The comedian said: “He has literally gone off the rails” seemingly totally misunderstanding the meaning of the word "literally".

At that point, things took a turn for the legendary and we were treated to an incident that deserves to join the elite Brits canon alongside Jarvis Cocker interrupting Michael Jackson’s set in 1996. If you've never seen that, then simply click here.

Whitehall turned to Lizzo on the next table, a global superstar as well as Styles’ friend and occasional collaborator. She proceeded to down the entire glass of tequila in one almighty gulp.

The only thing to distinguish this from the average teenage party was a distinct lack of chanting or people taking their clothes off in an upstairs room.

All hail our new King and Queen, you are spoiling us with this outstanding display of bravado.

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