Picture: 20th Century Fox
Picture: 20th Century Fox

It seems our recollection of films is gendered.

A study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology has found that men are more likely to recall details about action films while women are more likely to recall details from romantic comedies.

How sexist of our recall.

German researchers asked hundreds of people were asked to watch a thirty minute clip of Die Hard with a Vengeance or Notting Hill and then were quizzed about the details of the film.

Men remembered more of the action film, while women remembered more details from the romantic comedy, in the study that controlled for previous familiarity with the film.

The research suggested that our minds are conditioned to process stories differently based upon our gender.

With that in mind, we have created a brief quiz to see if we can guess your gender, based on the details you remember from popular films.

Let us know if our incredibly scientific quiz is right or wrong in the comments:

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