Screengrab from 'Bodak Yellow' music video

Cardi B’s music video for Bodak Yellow was a celebration of all things rich, sparkly and queen-like.

But, unsurprisingly, it turns out having a cheetah on set proved to be dangerous.

Speaking to Genius, video director Picture Perfect admits that the cheetah in the music video attacked Cardi B in an unused scene. He added:

This cheetah scene was really supposed to be Cardi in an exotic car. That’s the vibe in Dubai. They ride around with these cats in the passenger seat.

Picture:Picture: Screengrab from Bodak Yellow music video 

We could never get that shot off. We didn’t find the guy crazy enough to let us put a cheetah in his passenger seat and I don’t think Cardi would’ve trusted that.

Well then.

They found a second cheetah and, after “six pounds of deer meat”, he was “just calm”.

But because Cardi is a hero, she even pet him.


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