Cardi B faces ‘sexist’ backlash after talking about buying $88,000 handbag

Cardi B is facing backlash after she sent a tweet about buying an $88,000 handbag.

It all kicked off when the rapper asked her fans on Twitter if she should buy the expensive purse in question, saying “it’s so tempting”.

In this year when millions are financially insecure, many people thought it’s not the best look to show off a purchase that amounts to more than most people make in a year.

Over the course of 2020, a number of rich celebrities have faced backlash for their extravagance, from Kim Kardashian’s birthday party to Jeff Bezos for sitting on his extreme wealth despite the difference it could make to people in need.

People swiftly called her out by urging her to donate the money to those who need it, as opposed to spending it on what we can surely all agree is an exorbitantly priced accessory.

But others defended her and said she should be able to spend the money she earned in any way she wants.

Over the next six hours, Cardi B proceeded to defend herself, replying to fans’ criticisms and pointing out her past charitable efforts including the $1m she donated directly to fans and the aid she gave to an orphanage in Nigeria.

The ‘WAP’ rapper has frequently opened her wallet to help others in the past. In the beginning of the pandemic, she donated $1m to families who were struggling. When her viral coronavirus rant turned into a remix, she also pledged to donate the royalties to charity.

In response to the backlash, Cardi B also offered to match any charity donations.

Cardi B and her fans then went on to suggest there was a sexist double standard afforded to rappers when it comes to openly talking about their large purchases.

If others can boast about expensive cars, she asks, then why can’t she talk about a purse?

In the end, Cardi B got the last laugh, as she told her followers that she was “definitely buying the bag now”.

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