Charlie Brooker's hilarious takedown of Matt Hancock is so accurate we can never unsee it

After a long absence from our screens, Charlie Brooker returned on Thursday night with Antiviral Wipe to critique recent goings-on in the world of television, namely the government response to coronavirus.

Brooker is well known for not pulling any punches with anyone and although Boris Johnson's handing of the pandemic did come under scrutiny, his description of health secretary Matt Hancock was possibly the highlight of the show.

While describing the government's early Cobra meetings, Brooker said:

The government were taking early reports of a deadly virus serious enough to hold a series of early Cobra meetings although not seriously enough for Boris Johnson to attend them.

I mean he's only the prime minister, he's not Dominic Cummings or someone important like that.

Instead it was down to health secretary and 'your sister's first boyfriend with a car' Matt Hancock to chair the s**t out of it.

Perfect. We can just imagine an 18-year-old Hancock rocking up in a Ford Ka, stinking of Lynx Africa ready to whisk your sisters off for a wild night at the Megabowl and Frankie & Benny's on the local retail park.

Needless to say, Brooker's takedown of Hancock stole the show.

No word on if Hancock has heard this description of himself yet but we can sleep soundly in the knowledge that he'll be cruising around the streets listening to Sean Paul and Chamillionaire as soon as this is all over.

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