Charlize Theron trolls Kylie Jenner’s makeup skills with a hilarious photograph

Charlize Theron trolls Kylie Jenner’s makeup skills with a hilarious photograph
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Hollywood superstar Charlize Theron has taken an unexpected jab but amusing jab at reality TV star and make-up mogul Kylie Jenner.

The 45-year-old actor, best known for her roles in Mad Max: Fury Road Bombshell, Netflix’s The Old Guard and her Oscar-winning performance in Monster  shared a side-by-side picture of herself and Jenner, asking her followers ‘Who’s who?'

Theron’s pose was almost identical to Jenner’s but there was an obvious difference in that the South African stars lipstick was smeared all over her face and was no one near as immaculate as Jenner. Judging by Theron’s previous social media output it is obvious that the lipstick was applied by her five-year-old daughter, August.  In fact, you can even see one of August’s hands in the picture.

23-year-old Jenner, who is the founder of her own makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, which is worth a reported $900 million, might not have taken to kindly to Theron’s post which could be seen as mocking of the Kardashian sibling and her cosmetics. 

Theron also shared the picture on her Instagram, which is where Jenner saw the image. As a sign that there were no hard feelings between the pair, Jenner replied to with a series of laughing and kiss emojis. 

The actor's original picture was actually taken back in November ahead of the People’s Choice Awards where she added the hashtag #bestmakeupartistever.

We aren’t going to disagree with you on that Charlize. Maybe Kylie can give her a job in the future.

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