It seemed that 2019 might finally be the year that 'blackface' became a thing of the past.

Aside from the most tone-deaf, closet racist Halloween enthusiasts, it felt a sure bet we could at least rely on those in the public eye to know the score - right??

Sure, people have been letting us down consistently this year with their links to 'blackface scandals', from the Governer of Virginia Ralph Northam to GUCCI,Swedish models and and even Katie Perry but you'd think they'd have begun to learn their lesson by now.

Enter: Chris Lilley - of Summer Heights High infamy.

Lilley is currently releasing a new series called Lunatics, and it's not looking good.

One of six new characters, Jana, is described by Netflix as a "lesbian pet psychic to the stars" from South Africa.

While some are suggesting the character could be a satirical look at trans-racialism, Lilley's past exploits don't have people holding their breath.

His series, Jonah from Tonga, was taken off New Zealand TV in 2017 after accusations of racism.

Needless to say, the internet did not react well to the news.

...while others pointed out that personal growth on Lilley's part seemed unlikely...

For some, Summer Heights High seemed to been a painful reminder of less woke times.

And there were those who wanted to sit back and watch Lilley's career self-combust...

Looks like it might be a short-lived comeback.

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