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Chrissy Teigen has become somewhat of a sage on Twitter, imparting knowledge in the form of short and snappy quips.

Never one to miss the important conversations (see here), Teigen honed in on a discussion about women taking their husband’s names.

Twitter user _MercyFul posed a simple question to women who decided not to take their husband's surnames: why?

Reasons include 'I want mine'


'I like my name'

'Why can't he take mine?

Taking your husband's name is reminiscent of a bygone age where that made a wife the property of her husband

Another person made a point about the heterosexual nature of the choice

Also, did her husband earn her doctorate?

But when Chrissy chimed in, it was game over:

True story. Her husband is musician John Legend, whose real name is John Roger Stephens. She added:

So, that's that.

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