Rapper MIA would rather live fast, die young than take a coronavirus vaccine

We’re sorry to have to tell you this, but it looks like M.I.A is an anti-vaxxer.

The 44 year-old “Paper Planes” rapper – real name is Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam – went on Twitter on Wednesday to say she’d rather die than have a vaccine or chip.

It comes about amidst a global coronavirus pandemic that has killed almost 20,000 people to date.

She tweeted:

Specifically referencing Covid-19, she added:

Then, when Twitter user @thepackisbackk quote-tweeted and branded the rapper an anti-vaxxer – someone who is against vaccinations – she responded “Yeah” and added:

Offering her (unqualified) medical opinion, she then tweeted:

Unfortunately, there’s no scientific evidence to back up the statement that “all the vaccines you’ve already had is enough to see you through”.

The backlash to M.I.A’s anti-vaccination rant was swift, with many calling her out for spreading misinformation:

This criticism then turned to cancelling the “Bad Girls” singer:

In response to the calls to cancel her, M.I.A. then tweeted:

As it currently stands, there is no viable vaccine for Covid-19.

There are reportedly 35 companies racing to create one, with four in the testing phases and one on the cusp of commencing human trials.

It could take around 18 months until a vaccine is ready for the general population.

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