Daisy May Cooper hilariously trolls publisher by asking to stay in a hotel ‘haunted by a dog’
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Daisy May Cooper, actor, writer, comedian and star of This Country, has prompted much laughter in recent weeks by endlessly mocking her publisher.

A few weeks ago, she removed herself from Instagram over a dispute with the publisher over whether she could include a crude joke about her ex-boyfriend in her forthcoming book, Don’t Laugh, It Will Only Encourage Her.

She eventually won that dispute but it doesn’t mean the trolling has ended.

In a series of screenshots shared on Instagram from a WhatsApp conversation between Cooper and her publisher, the star is asked what hotel she wants to stay in when she is promoting the book later this year.

In her typical fashion, Cooper begins to have a joke with the publisher and asks to be put in a hotel that is haunted by a the ghost of a dog and is near a sex shop.

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Initially, the publisher thinks that Cooper is joking and begins to laugh but she soon corrects the agent that this is no laughing matter and that she is very serious about “releasing the spirits of dogs” as a lot of them can be very confused after they die.

Cooper adds that there was a whole section in the book about her work with ghost dogs but the agent admits that they can’t remember reading that part.

The elaborate ruse continues with the agent informing her that they had found a hotel for her in Soho, London that is haunted by a man.

Eventually, the joke is up when she shares a picture of a ghost dog called “Wayne Lineker” which is just a photo of a pooch under a sheet with the eyes cut out. The agent simply responded with: “You are a pain in the a**e.”

Incidentally, the real Wayne Lineker, brother of footballer Gary, responded to Cooper on Instagram, proclaiming that this was a “nice start to the week”.

Cooper’s memoir is scheduled for a release on 28th October.

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