Danny Dyer calls David Cameron a ‘t***’ for the third time onstage at the Baftas

Danny Dyer calls David Cameron a ‘t***’ for the third time onstage at the Baftas

Danny Dyer had some more harsh words for David Cameron at this year’s Baftas.

The Eastenders star appeared alongside Holly Willoughby at last night’s ceremony to present the “Must See TV Moment” award.

When Willoughby asked him if he was happy to present the award, Dyer asked if he was one of the nominees before joking:

I should have been nominated for calling Cameron a t***, but we'll let it go. We'll let it go for now.

They did tell me not to say it so I'm just going to read that [the autocue]. The nominations are...

Dyer was referring to his comments on Good Evening Britain last summer, in which he complained about the “mad riddle” of Brexit and asked “what’s happened to that t*** David Cameron who called it on?”

His latest outburst divided viewers, although most people praised Dyer for speaking his mind.

While others thought he was just using Cameron's name to get some attention.

This is also not the first time Dyer has repeated his attack on the former prime minister.

At the 2018 TV Choice Awards, Dyer took another swipe at Cameron when he accepted the Best Soap Actor award for his role in Eastenders.

He said:

I’d like to think I’ve won this because I’m a blinding actor but I fear it’s actually because my daughter’s won Love Island… and also because I called David Cameron a ‘t***’, that’s the other thing I think.

So I'd like to thank Dani and I’d like to thank David Cameron for being the f****** t*** that he is…

It’s safe to assume he’s probably said it in private a few more times as well.

There’s no word yet on what David Cameron thinks of Dyer, as his spokesperson refused to comment on the original video last summer.

But, we did get a statement from Theresa May, who defended Dyer's right to call Cameron a “t***”.

Her spokesperson said:

Much like columnists and others, people who appear on broadcast and newspapers are perfectly entitled to their opinion.

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