David Beckham mocked by Victoria Beckham for 'terrible' boots in Instagram picture
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Victoria Beckham has poked fun at her husband for wearing oversized boots in a photo of the two of them.

To commemorate Remembrance Sunday, Victoria posted a photo to Instagram of the couple posing and wearing poppies.

While both of them look as glamorous as ever, one thing really stands out: David's boots are gigantic.

People pointed out that it looked like he was wearing a giant's shoes.

One user commented: "David, Goliath called, he wants his boots back!"

Another wrote: "Yeah but ....(what are those David !)"

On Twitter, people were equally savage.

Instead of ignoring people mocking her husband, Victoria joined in.

On her Instagram story, she compared him to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

Quite frankly, we think it's uncanny.

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