Davina McCall had the perfect response to a woman who tried to body-shame her

Davina McCall has no time for body-shaming.

The TV presenter popped over to Twitter to share her outfit for last weekend’s episode of The Masked Singer and give credit to her stylist and make-up artist. Fairly innocent stuff.

But one follower of hers seemingly didn’t approve of her fitting dress and criticised her for not being “demure” enough.

The user complimented McCall on her “stunning dress” but said that “old, over sun-kissed women should cover up.”

The woman was promptly called out by many for her comment and implied ageism.

“Why would you be so spiteful?” one person asked in response. “How about showing support for your fellow women? I love Davina’s body confidence and she looked absolutely stunning.”

“How about women can wear what they want, when they want without nasty comments and judgement?” another person commented. “We’ve a long way to go and a lot of work to do on this.”

But the person who had the best comeback to internet trolls was McCall herself, who took the comment in her stride.

“Absolutely no chance of demure over here,” she replied jokingly. “Growing old disgracefully is far more fun.”

McCall was praised for her truly classy response.

May we all be as “disgraceful” as Davina McCall.

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