Someone asked TV psychic Derek Acorah to 'contact' George Michael and his answers were bizarre

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Because it’s 2019 and everything is extremely strange, someone contacted TV psychic Derek Acorah to ask about how George Michael is getting on in heaven.

Sally, 40, from Nottinghamshire, asked Acorah if George Michael had been in touch with Michael Jackson on “the other side”.

Being the all-powerful psychic that Derek Acorah is, he obviously obliged.

Presumamly getting his 'spirit guide' on the case right there and then because he managed to somehow conjure up an incredibly insightful response to reveal the antics of the late Careless Whisper singer.

Acorah responded:

Yes, he has met up with Michael Jackson on the other side, where they are enjoying writing and performing songs separately and together.

Apparently MJ and Michael have been chatting about the latest music, and have access to any instrument they want. Heaven sounds pretty good like that.

Acorah says:

Musicians who cross over often do want to meet up with others, so they can talk about their experiences on earth.

Seems legit.

Naturally, on Twitter, people didn’t quite know what to make of this latest “revelation”.

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