Clip of DMX growing orchids goes viral after his death for touching reason
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On Friday, April 9, 2021, DMX, the Grammy award-winning rap legend, No. 1 album holder in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, and actor whose personal struggles eventually consumed his lyrical expertise has passed away in White Plains at 50 years old.

Notable musical artists such as Ice T, Chance the Rapper, and Missy Elliot were among the many who shared encouraging words.

Prayers for DMX and his family [ heart emoji and prayer hand], Elliot captioned her tweet.

Chance The Rapper also mentioned the touching moment that DMX prayed over him.

“DMX prayed over me once and I could feel his anointing. I’m praying for his full recovery,” he said.

Furthermore, a video clip in particular that re-circulated about the legend encapsulates something so wholesome.

The clip, which is from the ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat shows DMX watering orchids and giving relationship/ life advice to the character Eddie Huang ( Hudson Yang).

When I first started growing orchids,” I thought they needed the most expensive soil and light to blossom, and they died,” said X. That’s when I realized all they really needed was time and attention. 

“You don’t need to give a girl a gift. You need to give you her time, “ he continued.

How sweet!

“This morning I woke up to find the last petal of an orchid plant I’ve been trying to nurse on the floor. I should’ve known then. RIP DMX, “ said a Twitter user in response to the video clip.

Here’s what others have said about the sweet orchid clip.

All in all, DMX’s words in this video can serve as a reminder of working towards a journey and cultivating the process as we go. We just have to put our time and attention into our goals and aspirations and watch those gifts bloom which is a beautiful testimony.

We will never forget the lasting impact he had on many people in this lifetime.

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