Donald Trump was finally on South Park and some very bad things happened

Warning: Spoilers and cartoon violence (Due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone)

Somehow, in its 19 seasons to date, South Park has neglected to skewer Donald Trump, despite almost no celebrity or religious figure being safe from ridicule.

But with the eminently lampoonable Trump inexplicably leading the Republican polls, Trey Parker and Matt Stone finally rectified that omission last night in an episode entitled Where My Country Gone?

In a twist, resident reactionary Mr Garrison becomes enraged about his country being overtaken by immigrants... from Canada, whose president (Trump) responds by building a wall stopping Americans from getting into the country.

This being South Park things very rapidly escalate, ending in Trump's rape and murder by Garrison.

IGN said the episode's focus on immigration reform offered "scathing satire and a clear target", while Den of Geek said it was full of "wonderful stuff". You can watch a trailer below

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