Ghost hunting couple criticised for discovering human remains while filming YouTube video

<p>A still from the controversial video</p>

A still from the controversial video

YouTube/Exploring With Danny

A couple is coming under fire for uploading a video of body parts being unearthed on their YouTube channel.

Danny and Felicity Duffy, under the guise of Exploring With Danny were carrying out a “paranormal investigation” in a Greater Manchester wood on Monday came across a human skull, according to the title of the video.

“I can’t believe you have posted this or that the police have allowed you to, if this was a family member or friend of mine I would be distraught that you had put this all over the internet,” one user commented, which Danny Duffy replied that people all the time, and to “get over yourself”

A disclaimer appears at the beginning of the nearly hour-long video that reads “WARNING this video contains graphic scenes some viewers may find distressing 18+ only”

Following this declaration, the couple appears discussing the media and comment reaction to the video, addressing that some people were questioning their claims and that they were planning to take a break from YouTube following their “shock” at their discovery.

“What you’re about to witness is a 100 per cent real. Nothing was staged.” Danny Duffy told the camera.

The local police were yet to announce any further details due to the ongoing investigation.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Debbie Hurst of Bolton’s Criminal Investigation Process said, “What we do know is that the item found has been confirmed to be a human skull, but it is still unknown how old the skull is and how long it has been at the location for - these enquiries by specialist forensic officers are ongoing and will be determined in due course,”

The Daily Dot reached out to YouTube to comment about the video, which is still on the website.

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