Florence + The Machine to release new music tonight

Scientists believe that concertgoers at Florence + The Machine may have caused a small earthquake in south-east Berlin.

On Friday night residents of Neukölln, Berlin said they felt a small jolt in the ground around 8:58 pm leading some to believe an unprecedented earthquake had hit the area according to German outlet rbb24.

"We don't usually have earthquakes in Berlin," data scientist Jens Skapski told rbb24. "That's why I wanted to know more about it."

The small shake only lasted a minute and was seemingly felt most near Tempelhofer Feld where English rock band Florence + The Machine were playing at the Tempelhofer rock festival.

Several seismological stations picked up the quake as a 1.4 magnitude tremor which Skapski says is unlike a natural earthquake.

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"A natural earthquake would be shorter and with a higher frequency," he told rbb24. '"The signals probably go back to a concert."

At the time of the tremor, concertgoers were rocking out to Florence + The Machine although it's unclear what song, a setlist indicates that they could have been playing Dog Days are Over or Free according to Uproxx.

"Having attended a florence and the machine concert in the past, can confirm this is probably most likely true," Sarah wrote on Twitter.

An alleged attendee at the concert told rbb24 that around 9 pm fans jumped simultaneously causing vibrations in the ground.

Skapski said it's likely the vibrations were caused by the concert because a natural earthquake of that magnitude cannot be felt by most people. He believes the floor of the venue may have absorbed the crowd jumping and dispersed the energy to the surrounding ground causing local residents to feel the tremor.

Although a concert causing an earthquake seems unheard of it is not the first time an event has triggered a small tremor.

Back in May, a Garth Brooks concert in Louisiana caused a small tremor in the ground while fans were rocking out. In 2011, a Foo Fighters concert sent small vibrations into the ground in Auckland, New Zealand.

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