For each woman that appears on film, there are 2.24 men

Women are more likely to have a speaking part in films in Russia than in Hollywood, according to a new [UN-backed report.]1

While women represent half of the world’s population, just 30.9 per cent of all speaking characters in films are women, while less than a quarter of the on-screen workforce is made up of women (22.5 per cent).

The study, which investigated popular films in 11 countries, found girls and women are twice as likely as boys and men to be shown in suggestive clothing or naked. Meanwhile, a 13-year-old girl on-screen is as equally sexualised as a 39-year-old female character.

All the US/UK films presented in this table were co-productions or collaborations between the two countries as defined by the British Film Institute (BFI). UK films in this sample are national productions that are not financed by major US studios.

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