Six more Game of Thrones errors you may have missed while watching the show

Six more Game of Thrones errors you may have missed while watching the show

Warning: This article contains spoilers for basically all of Game of Thrones.

After 8 years, Game of Thrones came to end on Sunday with a furious fan backlash as viewers lashed out at what they saw as nonsensical plot points and botched character development.

Unfortunately, those issues are ultimately subjective and we can’t prove whether the showrunners got the ending right or wrong.

But one thing we can prove is the ridiculous production errors in the show's final season.

From that Starbuck coffee cup to the plastic water bottle in the show’s finale, attention to detail has not been Game of Thrones’ strength.

Carelessness is not a new problem either, as fans have been spotting countless editing mistakes since the show started.

Here are some of the show’s worst gaffes.

Jeans in Westeros

Game of Thrones’ started making mistakes very early on. In the first episode of the series, an extra can be seen walking in the background wearing jeans.

The show had a much smaller budget in those days so maybe the extra was asked to bring his own costume…

Jon’s Valyrian rubber sword

In season 6’s “Battle of the Bastards”, Jon Snow uses his Valyrian steel sword Longclaw.

Valyrian steel is renowned for its strength in comparison with ordinary steel, but that’s not how it looked in this clip from the episode.

Jon was clearly getting a little bit too excited with his prop sword.

Sansa is a Targaryen?

In the show’s official opening credits, the names of cast-members are attached to the symbols of the house their character represents – or at least that’s what it looks like…

While many of the cast-members and symbols make sense – Sean Bean (RIP) for House Stark and Lena Headey for House Lannister – there’s a lot that don’t.

Emilia Clarke has the same symbol as Headey and Sophie Turner as Sansa seems to have a Targaryen symbol, along with other unexplained combinations.

Maybe it’s not a mistake, but it is unnecessarily confusing.

What happened to the bay by King’s Landing?

One of the most confusing moments of the season 8 was the sudden change in the landscape of King’s Landing.

The capital of the Seven Kingdoms used to overlook Blackwater Bay – hence the Battle of Blackwater - but in the last season, it appears to be surrounded by desert.

Stannis Baratheon's 'laptop charger'

This isn’t a mistake that made it into the final show but it did make it into one of the press shots.

As Stannis Baratheon lies defeated, a small box with wires (possibly a pump for fake blood) can be seen by his leg.

The wires are less obvious in the episode but they can still be faintly seen in the much darker final shot.

Murder on the Cutting Room Floor

This one isn't necessarily a production gaffe but it's definitely an error of judgement.

Before the show’s finale, Sophie Ellis-Bexter posted pictures on Instagram which show she was an extra during the Battle of Winterfell.

Ellis-Bexter appeared with her husband Richard Jones but unfortunately, you won’t see them in the episode.

For some reason, the editors decided we didn’t deserve a cameo from the 2000s pop star.

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