Game of Thrones: Skyrim players are paying tribute to season eight - but it's not what you might think

Game of Thrones: Skyrim players are paying tribute to season eight - but it's not what you might think

What's the one thing you'll remember the most from the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones?

Warning: the rest of this article contains spoilers up until and including episode five of season eight - but if you haven't seen it by now you're probably not going to really, are you?

Is it Arya Stark's shocking defeat of the Night King? Daenerys Targaryen - quite rightly, if you ask us - letting the hate flow through her and burning King's Landing to the ground? Cersei Lannister lamenting over the Golden Company's distinct lack of elephants? The pointless petition signed by hundreds of thousands of fans who think they have some kind of ownership over the story and characters?

Well, for some, it'll be back in episode four when somebody absent-mindedly left a coffee cup on set.

It was spotted by eagle-eyed viewers on a table in front of Dany, while our heroes feasted and celebrated their victory over the Night King following the Battle of Winterfell.

It was a coffee cup that gave birth to memes. Lots and lots of memes. So many memes.

Anyway, this little mishap struck a chord so much with fans of the popular video game Skyrim that it's now available as a mod.

Skyrim mods are player-made modifications that can be downloaded and installed to add new content or change existing content in the game.

There's a special subreddit for this where people make wild and whacky requests and once this cup of coffee was ordered, it didn't take long to be served.

This particular mod is available for download now and places a couple of 'Skyland' coffee cups in Dragonsreach - one in the Solitude throne room and one in the main area of Dragonsreach, reports PCGamesN.

It's all in good fun, of course. But let's just hope the Dragon Queen takes it that way if she finds out... because, if not...

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