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To some readers, the name Garth Brooks might not mean much but in America, the country musician is a big deal.

In the US, only The Beatles have sold more records than him, making him the biggest selling solo artist in the countries history, so yeah...people really like him.

Given that he is a major country star, you can bet that a large portion of his fan base are Donald Trump supporters. Brooks, who is a Republican, has tried to steer clear of politics and didn't play at Trump inauguration in 2017.

That's why when he posted a picture on Instagram wearing an NFL jersey with 'Sanders' on the back, Trump fans feared the worst and presumed he had jumped ship to the Democrats and was now backing Bernie Sanders.

The truth is that he isn't supporting Bernie Sanders in the slightest but was wearing the jersey of NFL star Barry Sanders who is a legendary player for the Detroit Lions, the city that he was playing a concert in on Saturday evening.

Not fully taking into context what had happened, Brooks fans began to comment on the picture lamenting the musician for appearing to support Bernie.

Brooks has yet to respond to the criticism and in all honesty, is unlikely too as it would no doubt embarrass many of his fans who probably should have done a little research before they started posting things on the internet.

However, according to Michigan Live, he did explain the significance of the shirt to those in attendance at his concert at Ford Field, which packed in 70,000 punters.

Besides Sanders being an icon for the city he and Brooks were personal friends and played football together when they were both in college. He told the crowd:

I was lucky enough to be an athlete and to wear the same uniform as this guy wore in college.

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