Gavin and Stacey is one of the most beloved British sitcoms of the last decade and as we all know by now, nothing is sacred and someone will always ruin something in order to earn more money.

Therefore allow us to introduce you to Us and Them, the American equivalent of the BBC show that takes place in Pennslyvania and New York City, rather than London and Barry, south Wales.

The show first aired in 2014 on Fox with many of the characters names remaining the same, with Jason Ritter playing Gavin and Alexis Bledel playing Stacey.

Despite the show being based on one of the most popular British comedies in recent memory, it didn't exactly take off in the States and was cancelled after just seven episodes and hasn't been seen since.

Needless to say, unlike other shows like The Office and Shameless, that are based on original British series and have seamlessly transitioned to a US audience, this one didn't connect so it's no surprise that it has only just come to the attention of us Brits.

Over the past few days, a clip from the show has gone viral on Twitter and people can't quite believe what they are seeing.

As mentioned the show wasn't a success, despite having the likes of Rob Brydon, Ruth Jones and James Corden on board as executive producers, the latter of which would go on to be a big star in the US as the host of TheLate, Late Show.

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