Harrison Ford delights Oscars 2021 audience with brutal old Blade Runner notes

Harrison Ford delights Oscars 2021 audience with brutal old Blade Runner notes

Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford knows a thing or two about whipping up a crowd, as his performance at Sunday’s Oscars proved with panache.

The 78-year-old Hollywood icon introduced the award for Best Film Editing at the Academy Awards’ 93rd ceremony by pulling out some old crumpled notes.

Before announcing who would receive the gong, he told guests and viewers that he would be reading out some “editorial suggestions that were prepared after the screening of a movie I was in.”

It soon became clear that the notes referred to one of his most revered films: Ridley Scott’s 1982 classicBlade Runner.

Reading from the edits, he said: “Opening – too choppy; why is this voice over track so terrible?”

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The alleged notes continued: “He sounds drugged, were they all on drugs?”

Another set of critiques read: “Flashback dialogue is confusing, is he listening to a tape? Why do we need a third cut off the egg?”

The criticism only seemed to get harsher, including the observation: “Up to Zhora’s death, the movie is deadly dull. This movie gets worse every screening.”

Ford starred as detective Rick Deckard in the cult favourite sci-fi hit, later reprising the role alongside Ryan Gosling for its 2017 sequel, Blade Runner 2049.

Fans flocked to social media to share their delight at Ford’s playful presentation and for fulfilling the role of grumpy old man:

Ah yes, and after all that, he did remember to announce the award for Best Editing.

It went to Sound of Metal starring British actor Riz Ahmed.

You can read the full list of winners here.

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