Last night saw the return of the Grammy music awards for 2021.

While it was a pared-back affair, a few artists were able to gather in various locations mostly within Los Angeles, though socially distanced and masked up. Some were also able to perform and the show was broadcast around the world.

27-year-old British singer Harry Styles won the Grammy for the Best Pop Solo Performance with his iconic trackWatermelon Sugar.

As one of the guests in attendance, the former One Direction member made a speech as he accepted the accolade. But, for some viewers around the world, part of the speech was muted, leading to speculation that he swore.

Styles’ huge fanbase quickly took to social media to try and get to the bottom of it. One user wrote: “WHAT DID HE SAY DURING THE BLEEPED OUT PART”. Another said: “Someone figure out what was bleeped out”.

Meanwhile, other users sought the help of “journalism twitter” to find out.

It was discovered that, for viewers in the US and some other countries, part of his speech was bleeped out. But for others in countries like Germany, Portugal and Australia, the whole speech was aired in full, so the mystery was solved.

The bad language was likely muted due to US broadcasting rules which forbid the use of “indecent” and “profane content” between certain hours during which the Grammy’s ceremony was being held.

It seems Styles was not the only one who was caught swearing. His old friend Taylor Swift won the Album Of The Year Grammy for her albumFolklore. She seemed understandably overwhelmed and excited as she dropped the F-bomb.

Who can blame either of them to be quite honest?

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