We're getting deja vu.

Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield turned up to This Morning after a heavy night at the National Television Awards, feeling thoroughly hungover.

Philip said:

We have made it in, obviously, today.

We’ve made it in not in a brilliant condition to be truly honest but at least we are not wearing the same clothes.

He is of course referencing last year, when... er...

Happily they'd, for the second year running, won the award for 'Best Live Magazine Show'.

There was also a positive change - they'd remembered to change their clothes.

Although the moment definitely got to them.

As Philip said, when accepting the award:

We shamed ourselves last year, we’re not going to do that again this year… We’re going to be getting tattoos!

Holly said on the show on Thursday:

There were a number of reasons why we're not sporting tattoos this morning and it was more to do with practicalities.

Tattoo salons aren't actually open that late.

We're waiting.

HT Mirror

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