‘Honest Trailers’ just did Love Actually and it changes everything

From Love Actually to Die Hard, discover your perfect Christmas film
From Love Actually to Die Hard, discover your perfect Christmas film

Christmas season is here, which means the jumpers come out of cupboards, mince pies are consumed by the tonne and Love Actually.

Hate it or love it, you can bet that most people will have some kind of opinion about the film.

Despite having nothing to do with Christmas, it’s somewhat of a tradition to watch it during the holidays.

Well, Honest Trailers, the YouTube channel dedicated to ruining all movies everywhere spoofing movies, has done one for Love Actually.

You’ll never be able to watch it the same way again. Believe us.

Highlights of the 4-minute clip include this gem:

Follow along on this Pulp Fiction for girls stuffed with 8 different plot lines that are creepy and depressing when you actually stop to think about them.

When you think about it, the plots are actually quite awkward...

Like, a man getting over the death of his wife by helping his kid seduce a girl with the same name as his dead mum.

A woman who ends up with her unstable brother instead of her hot available co-worker.

And this iconic scene is less 'aww cute' more 'dude, that's your friend's wife'.

This guy, who’s trying to bang his best friend’s wife.

Picture: GettyA scene from Love Actually 

A man who will throw away his loving wife and children to buy a necklace for this walking vagina.


Also, this charming Hugh Grant subplot has gone to a bad place. Great.

A powerful older man who fires his subordinate for being distractingly hot.

Picture: Hugh GrantHugh Grant (left) and Martine McCutcheon (right) in Love Actually (Picture: Getty)

This too:

A powerful older man whose wife cheats on him so he seduces his young hot subordinate who doesn’t even speak English

There's also all the regular Rom Com features, like a last minute airport dash and singing in public.

And of course, there's Hugh Grant.

Here's the entire clip:

This is why we can't have nice things.

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