Horror movie shot from killer’s perspective makes viewer throw up during screening

Horror movie shot from killer’s perspective makes viewer throw up during screening
In A Violent Nature Trailer

Genuinely sickening horror movies don’t come around all that often, but In a Violent Nature seems to be exactly that – according to reports on social media, at least.

Every now and then you’ll hear about people throwing up during horror movies in theatres (mostly American people, let’s be honest) and people often take it as a pretty good sign it’s going to be a rollercoaster of a watch – and the latest film making people feel ill is subverting the genre.

Rather than most horror and slasher films telling the stories of the victims, In a Violent Nature is told from the killer’s perspective.

Judging by the early reactions, it’s making quite an impact too.

A post on Twitter/X from the account Film Updates shared an audio clip from an advanced screening at a Chicago film festival with a big reaction from the audience.

“Audience reacting to a kill from ‘IN A VIOLENT NATURE’ during the Chicago Critics Film Fest screening of the film. An audience member also vomited during the screening,” the caption read.

It’s fair to say that horror films making people ‘vomit’ has been a well-trodden marketing ploy for years now, but it’s certainly been well received – as things stand, the film has a Tomatometer score of 93 percent.

The film received a rapturous response at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, with many noting that the movie is influenced by slow cinema and has no musical score.

The synopsis of In a Violent Nature reads: “Delve into the wilderness where an undead horror awakens. In a Violent Nature flips the script on traditional slashers, inviting you to witness the rampage from the monster’s eyes.”

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