It's Jon Stewart's final week and he has his crosshairs firmly zeroed in on Fox News

It may be Jon Stewart's final week in the Daily Show hot seat but that doesn't mean he won't attack his oldest enemies with as much vigour as has for the past 16 years.

Kicking off the first show of his final week on Monday night, the outspoken host took aim at Fox News - using their own video clips to disprove their latest ridiculous claims.

Over the weekend, Stewart explained, he returned home to find his children tuned in to America's "most trusted news channel", to find that host Howard Kurtz and guest David Zurawik calling him an Obama "propagandist".

One thing I saw in that report there is they didn’t seem to support their assertions with, um, er…. evidence!

If you’d like to nail me as a propagandist… you could’ve just shown a clip of me shamelessly pimping some signature policy like Obamacare.

The Daily Show host then proceeded to show a clip of him criticising Obama's flagship healthcare policy, before showing scores of Fox's own clips showing Stewart "hammering" the president.

How often does a dude have to criticise the president before his name changes from 'Even Jon Stewart..' to 'Unsurprisingly, Jon Stewart..'?!

The rest of the clip is dedicated to completely skewering Fox News's own partiality, hypocrisy and dedication to the truth.

Watch below:

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